Cancer Does Not Destroy Us: We Destroy Cancer

Cancer Does Not Destroy Us:  We Destroy Cancer

Over the years cancer has struck patients by surprise many times.  No warnings, no alarms, just shows up in someones life.  The initial shock of it all sends waves of panic through the very veins of emotions causing anxiety and stress.

This is not the time to panic.  Do not let the fear be your guide.  Go to your primary care practitioner and listen to their advice.  Practitioners that have been around for years know the ropes of the cancer connections.  Use them to help settle you down, calm your nerves, and assist you into the right system to get your work up started.

There are numerous oncologist (cancer doctors) in your area.  Look them up.  If you have  a teaching institution with highly respected doctors then be sure to research them as well.  The best advice I can give you is to pick a doctor that does just your cancer.  They love your cancer and they are up on all the new promising drugs and study drugs as well.  So if you have breast cancer, go to the breast center.  Many great doctors do all cancers, so do not be surprised by general oncologist that work with other entities like pulmonologist or urologist.  Again, do your research about your new practitioners.

Do your homework.  There is nothing wrong about getting two opinions about your treatment program if your nerves can stand it. REMEMBER you are paying the doctors to take care of you.  They work for you and they are part of your team.  You need to feel like you can talk to them and understand them.  They become your life over the next 6 months.  You will see them frequently and it is great if you have a great team working with you to curing your disease.

Diet and exercise are important.  Talk to all your team members about what is good to eat and what to avoid.  Many sugars are not good for people when they are coping with cancer.  See a dietitian if one is available.  Exercise may take away a lot of your energy.  Be sure you discuss your exercise program with your doctor and get the do’s and don’ts.

Get all your immunization before your treatments start to avoid the influenza, pertussis,  and pneumonia.  Before you get your shots check with your oncologist.   Some drugs may prevent you from taking immunizations because of your immune system.

Attitude is everything.  Every day is a gift.  We are not promised any days in our lives.  And we are all living to die.  We will all leave this world one day.  Today is not your day, so be grateful and keep a grateful journal as you begin the journey through the cancer path.  Try to wake up every morning and remind your self “its going to be a great day”.  Someone is counting on you to show up with a great attitude.  When you get to treatments someone is not feeling well, or doing well and they need a smile to get them through, you do it for them, and then if you need it they will do it for you.  Your attitude produces chemicals in your brain, so try to nourish your body with the positive chemicals that promote healing.

Cancer is now a chronic disease.  After your treatments and eradication of your cancer you will need to keep in touch with your oncologist forever.  You will always need to be doing your screenings going forward.  The best medicine is prevention to catch any changes early.  Don’t be afraid.

Cancer cannot destroy us, we destroy cancer.  Picture the little pac man running through your veins to the cancer site eating up your cancer cells one by one.  If you close your eyes you will be able to hear the noise of the pac man as it was all those years ago.  If you cant remember it try this link:  (pac man theme song).

Visualize your healing process and meditate on it regularly.  Your brain and body do have healing potentials.  No one knows how much healing potentials we possess but I believe seeing is believing.  And if you are seeing healing your getting healing, so keep those cancer eating pac man cells busy at work in your house.

Many studies support prayer as well.  If you are spiritual have your congregations start a prayer tree.  It is so good to know that others are connecting in your behalf for healing.   There are actually studies that have found benefits among individuals who have a prayer team.  You can see the controversial studies here.  I found them quiet interesting.  prayer studies

You are special, never forget that.  Believe in your healing.  Believe that it is possible.  Let others help you and you become the hope for someone else.  It feels good to be needed.  I love to help others and I love when others let me help them.

Go ahead and destroy those cancer cells, then tell everyone about it so it takes the scare out of the diagnosis.