Ground Hog Day, New Day, New Way.

What if today you started out a new way.  You broke your morning ritual and added a little happy routine.  What if while you are getting ready this morning you decide to motivate yourself to be happy all day long.  I love to watch these videos to help me put a pep in my step and get the day started dancing and singing the happiness way.  I choose happiness, how about you?  How about if we try for one week to listen every morning to these happy songs, in hope to encourage our happy heart.   Happiness is made and felt inside of us.  But sometimes we have to instill it into our everyday routine in order to stay present in the feeling.  Some people may say “I don’t have time”.  But I am just asking you to listen while you work, work at your make up, or your hair, give you morning a new happy flair.  These three artist make it easy to feel the happiness.   Some days we get up and the happiness is just not there this is the time that we have to commit to making it happen.  Have fun dancing with the stars and thinking happy thoughts.