How Long Will You Live?

How long you will live depends on what kind of job you do with your body.  Do you moisturize it daily with water?  Do you oil it with exercise?  Do you fuel it with super unleaded foods?

Life expectancy has certainly expanded over the last 50 years.  Today with all things good and right we should live 78.8 years.
In 1950 life expectancy was 68.2   Why are we growing older?
We have better screenings, we have better drugs, and overall as a medical professional we are better educated and have more tools to diagnosis and treat disease.
Life expectancy is still up to you.  You have to work at keeping your body healthy.  Stop living in stagnation lying around  on the couch.  Get yourself motivated to move and eat right for the longevity of it all.
There are three key priorities you need to practice to make your last days on this earth comfortable.
ONE:   EAT RIGHT the body is a series of chemical exchanges.  It requires super unleaded fuel.  Not crap.  Not greasy, sugary laced foods.  Real foods with real chemical and electrical sources.  Grease and sugar in overdosed amounts is just like alcohol and smoking.   It reduces life expectancy and the  body starts to stall and the engine gets clogged.
TWO:  You were made to move.  Move your body, your mind, and your emotions.  Exercising produces natural prozac to keep our moods modulated.  Exercise keeps your balance upright.  Every joint in the body needs to be stretched and worked.  Exercise is the key to a healthy body.  It can even override some of the bad foods you eat.  Stagnation of muscles and bones causes arthritis, pain, obesity, poor circulation, arterial clogging and inability to do normal functioning activities.
THREE:  Adequate rest.  That means sleeping and meditating.  Turn off the boob tube.  Rest your weary mind 15 minutes a day, let the poor brain stop stressing, and start resting.  Meditation is hard.  You must be quiet and when thoughts flood in you have to put a stop to them.  Repeat to yourself, rest, deep breath, rest, deep breath.  Have an understanding that you must rest in spirit.   Chemical calmness comes from meditation.

How do I know:
Consider the studies on Eating right.
consider the studies on Exercise.
Consider the studies on Meditation.
Consider the studies on obesity, depression, heart disease.  At the very basis of most disease is a body that is dissatisfied with itself.  Crept over with depression, despair, and zapped of energy and suffereing from lack of rest.

The wheels need to be rotated, the oil needs to be changed, and the radiator flushed.  Want to know how long you will live?  Try this calculator to find your life expectancy.  Then get to work on reducing your risk and live healthier and longer!