Inhaled Insulin is here!



Today I got to experience my first time using inhaled insulin with a patient.  I was just as excited as he was!  When I see patients who over and over are not at goal blood sugars I worry so much about them.  Now I feel like there may be an answer.  An easy system, no needles, maybe, just maybe better blood sugar control.

The inhaled insulin is going to solve some problems for our diabetics who just “HATE” giving themselves shots.  The shot free system is a convenient small inhaler, easy to pack in your pocket, easy to slide the insulin into the chamber, and easy to dispose.  “WOW” is all I can say about it.

Diabetics notoriously have compliance issues.  I never take that for granted.  There is no doubt in my mind that I could not take 4 shots a day and check my blood sugars three times a day.  This is too much work in the busy cycles of life.  Plus where there is pain there is no gain.  Myself like patients believe in “do no harm”.

Taking shots, pricking your finger, all of these things hurt.  Plus, the inconvenience of having to carry all your supplies around with you.

The inhaler is not recommended for asthmatics or smokers.  You must have a pulmonary function done in the office and get a reading that is adequate to continue with the inhaler device.

Take a deep breath, blow it out, and breath in on your device.  It is just that easy.  I love it and I cannot wait to get my first clients results back.

Things to remember:
1.   Once the sleeve foil is broken you must use it within three days.
2.   If the sleeve foil is not open then you can carry it with you for 10 days.
3.   If you use the insulin right out of the refrigerator you must let is sit for 15 minutes at room     temperature.

4.  It is quick acting.  So DO NOT inhale the insulin until you are ready to eat.

5.  It is in and out of your blood stream faster than fast acting, it only last 2-3 hours.
6.  You must continue to check your blood sugars for adequate blood sugar control.

7.  A new inhaler device should be used every 15 days.