The Podometer

Take it to the steps for healthy living.  The step nazi’s want us to walk 10,000 steps a day.  How many miles is that?  If the average persons stride length is 2. 5 feet long then it takes about 2,000 steps to walk a mile.  The goal is 10,000 steps or 5 miles every day.
Where to start?  The best practice is to get a pedometer to measure your daily steps.  Measure for three consecutive days to get your average.  Once you get your average start setting your new pace.  Start trying to add 5 minutes a day.  Anyone can do anything for 5 minutes and its pretty easy to find five minutes.  Then each week try to increase your steps by 500 steps a day until you get to the magic destination of 10,000.  You could be an overachiever and go for more!
Why is stepping good?  Exercise is our bodies own natural antidepressant.  When we exercise we increase our endorphins, serotonins, and cortisol levels.  These powerful hormones are what make us happy.  Not only that, but exercise increases our energy levels, helps us sleep better, and increases our metabolism to help us loose weight.

Get your kids involved too.  Everyone likes a little competition.  Download a pedometer app or buy a pedometer for your whole family then at dinner figure out how many steps everyone got.   The winner gets desert!
It is so important to get our kids involved in stepping too.  Depression is sabotaging our young childrens minds.   A study done at Duke University looked at  356 children and measured their activity levels and depression levels. They found that walking briskly for  30 minutes 3 days a week was as effective at relieving the symptoms of depression as medications.  The physiologically effects of exercise is powerful.  I would also mention the added benefit of building muscle and strength which often makes us feel stronger emotionally as well as physically.
Ideas to Step Up:
1.  Park far away at the market or mall.
2.  Use the stairs.
3.  Walk at lunch.
4.  Pace while you are on the phone.
5.  Walk on commercial breaks.
6.  Walk your cart into the store.

Buy a pedometer:
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