Wait on it. Patient is the one who Loses weight.

Wait on it. Weight loss is not an over night solution to weight gain. Weight is a number not a fictional word. Weight has a value. Each pound that you need to loose is 3,500 units of energy, or 3,500 calories. Yes, that one pound is actually thousands of calories that has to be lost or burned before the weight loss can occur.

Often patients come into the office and want to loose weight. When I ask them what their weight goal is that loudly exclaim 20 or 30 pounds over the next 2 months. If you read yesterday’s blog which discussed the SMART goals, realistically the 20 pounds would look like this.

X 20
70,000 calories to burn in order to loose the 20 pounds.
Now lets say we want to loose this over 2 months or 60 days:

divided by 60
1,166 calories
You would have to give up, yes one thousand one hundred and sixty six calories to loose 20 pounds in 60 days. That my friend is unrealistic, especially if you understand how many calories you eat a day. A 200 pound women may eat about 2,200 calories a day and if she gives up 1,166 she will only be able to eat 833 calories a day to loose weight. The next challenge is what makes up that 833 calories.
A big mac, small fries, and a small coke would get you 900 calories and you are now over you allotted amount for the whole day.

So realistically you want to loose 20 pounds over 4 months

divided by 120 days
583 calories a day.

This is much more realistic. And if you have a bad day and overeat then the next few days you could give up a few extra calories or burn them in exercise.

The best way to loose weight is to WAIT ON IT. It takes time, commitment, and energy. And you have to be patient with yourself, your ups, your downs, your good days, your bad days. Set realistic goals using the smart goals work sheet below.


Use the BMI and caloric chart found below to help you figure out how many calories you are currently eating. Then watch your skinny friends move and exercise.

http://www.lisajohnsonfitness.com/how-many-calories-a-day-does-your-body-need/ see a BMI calculator here to discover your intake and BMR needs.

Remember it didnt go on in one day and it is not going to go away in a day. Practice at it, read informations about weight loss, you can do this is you really set your goals, prepare your mind, and move your body.