Weigh in with Goal Setting



To Achieve a Goal you must know the enemy and plan your revenge with SMART goal setting and reviews.

You must know your enemy:

A pound is not just one unit.  It is 3500 calories.  We eat approximately 1600-2600 calories a day.
Men:          2000-2600 calories a day
Women:      1600-200 calories a day

If you go over then you gain weight and if you go under then you start the loosing process.

In order to loose one pound you have to give up 3500 calories or approximately 2 days of food if you are a women and that only budges one pound of fat.

What do you think about that?  Your are going to have to toughen up and get into it for the long haul.

How much energy do you spend with 30 minutes of walking?

at 13 minute miles if you weigh approximately 185 you will burn 222 calories
at 13 minute miles if you weight approximately 125 you will burn 150 calories

How many calories do you burn if you are sleeping or watching television for 30 minutes?

19-28 calories sleeping
23-33 calories watching television

(Harvard Health Publications  http://www.health.harvard.edu/heart.)

How many calories in a big Gulp 8 fl oz:    312
A supper big gulp weighs in at 621 calories.  oops

How about a big mac and fries?   549 calories

How many calories does muscle eat verse fat?
Fat 2-4 calories per pound
Muscle 6-10 calories per pound

Why is this so important?
Fat squishes YOU out.  It puts pressure on all the organs of the body.  It can contribute to fatty liver,    heart disease, stokes, renal failure and unfortunately to many cancers.

Steps of the most successful dieters:

Goals Setting
Weigh every day
Eat breakfast everyday
Log your miles, your foods, your goals.

Second:   Plan With Purpose.

Self talk:  the brain weighing in at 3 pounds is your greatest asset to weight loss. You MUST come up with some ideas to help you get it off and keep off.  The brain is able to make SMART goals http://www.hr.virginia.edu/uploads/documents/media/Writing_SMART_Goals.pdf
People who make goals achieve them.  Less than 4 % of people make goals and in here lies our over achievers in life.  Professor Dave Kohl at Virginia Tech a goal geek says that 80 % of people do not set goals at all.  So how do we loose weight or do anything in life with out goals going forward?  This is how stuck happens.  The second great thing achievers do is “review their goals” everyday.  People who write down their goals and review them regularly earn nine times as much in their lifetime as those who don’t.  So go get paper, write it down, posted it everywhere, review it everyday.  Post it on Facebook, tweet, mirrors in the house and in the car, put it on your screen saver, type it up and put it in a photo frame, write it on a note card and put it in your pocket and look at it every time you go to the bathroom.   So thats the tip for today.  Set a goal, write it down, and review it every single day.