What Is Your Order Of Importance? Passion up this year with all the right gear.




Lesson One:  (the good stuff is at the bottom, go ahead see it first!)

Put your life in order.  Who are the most important people in your life?  Put them in order.


At first I wanted to start to write about finding your passion.  The goal was to offer up all the passion test and self help test I have found over the years.   Before I laid my fingers on the computer to type my poetic article I first decided to see what others were saying about passion and purpose.  The first one that popped into the You Tube line was

Stop searching for your passion | Terri Trespicio  at Ted TV.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MBaFL7sCb8

So here is the first line of the artice.  Stop searching and enjoy your problems as sources of your answeres.

I, like Terri Trespicio, did not find my passion over night.  Often I sit in my office in the dreary basement surrounded by a chaos of papers, boxes, a chalk board, and scattered containers waiting to be filled staring at me and asking the same questions.  “What are you doing, what is your passion, what will finally make you happy?”  The searching always hits the rocky trails of self discovery.  The point is in the searching.  Times in life change, jobs change, children grow up and leave, one day your a coach or soccer mom, and the next day you are an empty nester traveling through the horrors of menopause.  You look at your life suddenly staring you in the face:  huh?

It time to start a new passion, self discovery.  What does this have to do with health? Everything!  I cannot get a patient to a healthy life style when they are feeling and seeing their life in a confused mood.

To start the new year how about discovering the beautiful you that truelly does exist inside by taking time to get off the beaten trail, feel the breeze on your cheek, or the snow flake on your tongue and indulge in YOU!  Love you,really.  Once I had a patient come in and we were talking about her healthy issues, headaches, not sleeping well, anxiety-I asked her to tell herself “I love you”.  She froze up and completely could not do it.  I explained to her that if she could not tell herself that she loved herself, how could she ever nurse herself back to health?

Number 1:  Love youself. 

I have decided to make a commitment to follow my life priorities.  First I had to decide what they were.  Here they are.
First:  I must give time to spirit, peace, and prayer.
Second:  I must treat myself with love.
Third:  My husband, my partner who I respect and love.  Bonding relationship.
Fourth:  My kids need a warm and loving mother and family.
Fifth:  My work.

Up until now the whole sequence has been the exact reverse.  I had to ask myself, ” how can I be successful if I dont put my spirit and myself first?”.  How happy will I be if I dont keep focus of what is important to me, my husband and kids.   How old will I live to be if I continue to put work and stress first?  And if I do live a long life how happy will I be?

Enter love and spirit, love yourself and then live on purpose and passion with your loved ones.

The Passion of Spirit took me to the quiz of Multiple Intelligences: Prayer Inventory.  Once I completed all the test questions I realized that I learned through moving and music.  I took the test at our Parish School/Church where we were learning our prayer styles.  After we completed the prayer inventory with multiple intelligence and discovered our independent prayer styles we were asked to seek out the class room that was devoted to our prayer type.  As I exited the door from the cafeteria I experienced a traffic jam of people at the first door.  I could not wait to see if that was my room.  Nope, that was math and logic.  Who would have thought that room would be so popular.  On to the next room and the next until I finally entered my room,  movement.  I sat down, no one was there, I waited, no one came, I rechecked the door, still no one.  So I decided to go to the next room that I scored high in, music.  I open the door, empty except for a drum, a tamboree, and a sound recorder.  I again sat down waited and waited, no one came.  Why was I so different?  This is the best part of self discovery, being honest with who you are.  I am different from everyone else.  At that moment I felt alone, frustrated and even began to cry.  I was never popular, and today just proved it in a deeper sence.  Why was I always alone, always different.  I just wanted to be one of them.  Then I heard my self say, who is “one of them”?

Learning who you are and what excites you is part of the whole process to finding a passionate life.  This scenario happened over four years ago and I am still in active pursuit.  That is what our travels are all about.  Traveling, pursuing, living, learning, moving on, leaning on, and learning along the way.  Hopefully I have enough time left in me to learn who I am and become the person I was meant to be, enter loving.

Finding passion:  find your top priorities.  Then work on developing them over a series of years.  Yes, that’s right, years.  Work on yourself for the health of it.  You can lean into old age happy or sad,  in shape or out of shape.  Self discovery is the first decision to a happy healthy life, start by making you healthy first and with that everything else will follow.

Health is one of my top priorities.  I get enough sleep, I try to eat right, I exercise, and I try to change the conversations I have in my head.  That head of mine can be quiet challenging and negative, a real fun sucker!

Work on you first, make time for a healthy body and mind.  Then let passion find you.
Here are some great books, web sites, and videos to help you along the way.

Study you first:  spirit and soul.

http://liveyourlegend.net   great tools for goals and purpose in life  finding your passion.  Also download this years goals and life passion.

The Four Temperaments:  Describes the different types of temperaments we deal with everyday with people in our lives.
http://www.amazon.com/Personality-Plus-Understand-Understanding-Yourself/dp/080075445X   Personality Plus  by Florence Fittauer

The Passion Test by Chris Attwood.  Take the test on line and discover you.

The Passion Test for Success  Jim Rohn

Begin by reading one blog by one of these great leaders in passion.  You will only gain momentum to change in taking small steps to success.  

Jim Rohn
Tom Hill, Design Your Exceptional Life
Don Miguel Ruiz
Lynne C. Levesque:  Breakthrough Creativity
Roger R. Pearman:  I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You.
Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves:  Emotional INtelligence 2.0
Wired That Way:  Marita Littauer, and Florence Littauer
Jason Selk:  10 Minute Toughness.

Dont have time to read try You tube videos by the same authors.  Listen on your way to work.  Watch Ted Talks.